Thursday, September 13, 2018

This i Promise you

My love, here I stand before you
I am yours now from this moment on
Take my hand, only you can stop me shaking
We'll share forever, this I promise you
And when I look in your eyes
All of my life is before me
And I'm not running anymore
'Cause I already know I'm home
With every beat of my heart
I'll give you my love completely
My darling, this I promise you

My love, I can feel your heartbeat
As we dance now closer than before
Don't let go, 'cause I could almost cry now
This is forever, I make this vow to you

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The person behind

Hi everyone today I'm going to sell you a little bit about The person behind My second life persona. I started second life About 8 years ago And I can truly say that it saved my life. I know a lot of people say that, But I don't think a lot of people Has chosen A date When they were going to Kill them self. 3 days before I found second life
I had taken a calendar and circled A specific date, That was the date I was going to kill myself.

At that point in time, I was in a very very Bad state of mind And I felt like I had no other option Then to let go . 

When I look back now I am very happy That I didn't go through with My plan . second life Brought me to a world Where I could forget my disability And struggles For how many hours I wanted.

Living with a disability is hard , Having this Disability is not something I have chosen But it's something that I have to live with And to be honest The doctors told my mom that I shouldn't even be alive today So all I can do is work with What God gave me Because I shouldn't even be here.

to have to have somebody Help you get out of bed in the morning and get you dressed because you can't do it yourself, Is hard If make you feel like the biggest baby on earth.
Just that simple thing Love getting your glass of water Is something that people usually take for granted Well Guess what, I need to ask for help ... 
I have to Ask for help Even when I wanna take a shower Or go to the toilet Because I can't do it by myself,
Is this little things like that, that can be Hard Both mentally and physically And at that time In my life I was your so fed up with it.
But second life opened up a world for me, The world Where I was just like anybody else And nobody was Staring or whispering at me.

The evening that I found second life and 3 days forward I didn't go to bed at all Learning I'm talking to other people About taking life And I started making Friends very fast!
From that moment on 2nd life has been a very big part of my life.

You might be wondering how I got my disability, I was born In week 27 of pregnancy, Usually, a pregnancy Is up to 40 weeks. I was born by emergency C section And I was only 24 centimeters long . My lungs with Basically Nonexistent So I couldn't breathe on my own. Which meant that they had to put me In A incubator With oxygen. The nurse that was in charge of taking care of me Turned Down my oxygen Instead of turning it up Like she was supposed to So I got oxygen deprived This incident would change my life forever But my mom had to find that out years later,

When she noticed That I Was not reaching the milestones That a baby Should do I could not sit up by myself and I had to walk With aid.
After 2 years of going to different doctors And having Different testing done Including an MRI scan of my brain, They discovered I had cerebral palsy.
I can only imagine the shock that my mom Must have felt when she heard my diagnosis, The doctor went on to say that I probably Would never Eat speak Or walk by myself.

Well here I am 28 years later Speaking and eating by myself , Boy did I prove them wrong!

My cerebral palsy Mainly affect my legs, So my brain works totally fine And so does my speech It can be a little blurry sometimes but that's only When  I am really tired.

No I am not paralyzed, Parallelisation happens when does the injury to the spinal cord And I do not have that , So I have 100% Sensation All over my body Including my pussy.
Before I get hundreds of personal messages About this I am just gonna answer the question right now Yes I do enjoy sex Very very very very very much,
In fact my husband called me A nymphomaniac.
Yes I have a very very very high sex drive,

 The photo above it is a photo of me In real life:)
And the photo underneath Is what I look like In second life

I think there is a resemblance Between what I look like in real life In what I look like In second life,
Of course I don't have the wheelchair And to be honest I don't understand why people Choose to have a wheelchair In second life Because Almost all of the animations And actions In second life are for Able-bodied People.
So I really don't see the point of having a wheelchair In second life But that's just my opinion.

This post is called The person behind So I guess I will tell you A little bit About Who I am as a person now:)

When i started second life i had this dream of how i wanted my second life to be.
 I wanted the partner, i wanted the husband, the wedding, the house, the kids. I wanted it all!
but as the years passt and the heartbreaks hurt more and more, I realized that there was no such thing In second life.

I would love to have a partner in second life but i have also come to terms with the fact that may never happen.

I am a very Affectionate Person and i LOVE LOTS OF kissing and cuddling.
 I lov when a man holds me from behind, that just makes me weak:)
I love a man that is romantic and loving. its a bit hard to explain but if you read my erotica on this blog, you will get to know what i like:)
Erotica 1
Erotica 2
Erotica 3

Yes? I am a mom to 2 beautiful kids, Read more about why i choose to have kids in sl HERE
I hope this gives you more insite to who i am:)

Please don't hesitate to send me a message If you feel so inclined

Monday, July 2, 2018

Where are we going next daddy?( Tres Blah and Lara Hurlay Skin)

For those of you that have been following my blog for awhile, know that I Change my skin very very frequently. Some people might say it's a little bit too frequently but to be honest I don't care:)

So anyways After spending some Time in real life doing What needed to be done I came back into second life and being the girl that I am, I went shopping!

I decided I wanted a skin from a creator That I haven't looked at before.
In the Catwa Friends group, I got a whole list of female skins and makeup creator's so i started going through the list, and my eyes landed on Lara Hurley Skins
When I saw the name i remembered that i had been there before but that was back when i had my Logo head and i could not find anything for it at her store.

but i decided to go back now that i have the Catya head by Catwa.
Right off the bat when i walked in my eyes went to the Mae skin almost right away.
So i grabbed the demo in mid tone and OH MY GOD!
I was so in love with the skin i could not Belive my eyes!

Lara Hurley-Lara Hurley-Mae Midtone *Catwa Catya Applier*=899 Lindens
The shape in the photos is my own and the brow shape is also mine BUT You get a shape and a brow shape with the skin!!!

I also bought the body applier for  my belleza freya body
you get all skintones for just 200!

Lara Hurley-Belleza appliers*all tones*
So all in all i paid 1099 Lindens for this skin and i must say I have bought skins that are between 2000lindens up to 3000 lindes and NONE beats the high Quality of Lara Hurley skins!
NOTE: I use my own custum windlight and i have very high Graphics

what you can see from the photo above is my everyday graphics so i cannot be held accountable for the skin not looking the same on you as it dose on me.

So now lets get on to the Clothing!

Tres Blah - Chantilly - Floral
Is a lovely dress with a vintage feel to it
Tres Blah - Leather Jacket - Black (Bought separately)
But it hangs above the dress.

My hair?
Lamb. Dream - Variety Pack
at Uber

Lara Hurley skins is now one of my top favorites!
and Tres Blah?
its a good thing you can have the inventory as large as you want!!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Why a baby in Second Life?

I have hinted on this topic before on this blog, but I guess I have never really spoken about it in depth... So now is the time...
I'd say that pregnancy and having a baby is something that i have been fantasizing about from the age of 14.
But of course, i did not act on my feelings.
My feelings became so strong That I had to Seek help from a psychiatrist, And she helped me to understand, That because of The fact that I was so mature for my age, My body was basically telling me You need to have a baby and you need to have a baby now Before the time runs out.
I was only 14 and yet my Body and mind Were behaving like I was 35 Going on 40.
This condition does not have a name and I'm pretty sure that this condition does not exist medicale.
But how she was explaining it What exactly how I felt And she told me that a lot of people Have this and They don't wanna Speak out about it.
What she gave me To calm down those feelings Of wanting a baby And being a mother As soon as possible Was truly a blessing, No He didn't give me medication...
 I won't go into detail about what she gave me Because that is something I will only Tell my closest friends And My closest friends.
There are so much prejudices in both worlds about this and that, that i don't dare to talk about it in my blog.
I am now soon to be 29 years old and the one thing that would truly make my life complete has not happened yet and it is not by choice believe me.
So this is the true reason why I decide To be Pregnant in second life.
I understand that that's not the most normal thing For second life,
I mean let's face it second life is build on Having sex, Being a stripper Being an escort, cam, voice, rl photos, you name it.
Sadly something as normal as Being pregnant And being a mom Is not a normal thing In second life.
Of course, there are people Don't want to have something To escape to When they already The family life In real life I understand that and there is nothing wrong with it.
For me Being pregnant in Second life is something that makes me happy,
I get so much joy out of it:)
In my mind, I imagen the kicks, the movement, even how it feels when someone strokes and kiss my belly.
You can call me weird Or stupid But the truth is I don't care, Besides there are much much worse things going on In second life Then you want to know.
I haven't been pregnant in second life For a couple of years now But I can tell you this.. If Don't find anybody That is willing to help me Get pregnant I might as well Do it myself... That's the beauty Second life You know.
And to the guys that think I want The picture perfect family With a doting father No That's not at all what i want!
All I ask Is for the guy to be present during The pregnancy, You know ask me how I'm doing and stuff. and Generally Just care.
Since I am struggling to get pregnant In real life I really want to experience this In second life.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Late Night in the kitchen (Erotica)

It's in the middle of the night and I am in the kitchen because I can't seem to sleep.
Suddenly I feel your hands go around my waist and belly, you place a kiss on my cheek and whisper at the same time- Hi there baby, what are you doing up?
I softly smile taking your hands in mine- I can't sleep baby...
I can feel your soft smile against my cheek before you whisper- you can't baby? you kiss my cheek again and I softly answer- no I can't love...
We interlock our fingers as you keep kissing my cheek and neck as you keep whispering- are you having those spasms again baby?
I turn my head just a little to press my cheek against your lips, I nod slowly- yeah it's just one of those nights
you kiss my neck and whisper- you seem to have those a lot nowadays, are you feeling stressed baby?
I shake my head softly and whisper- no but I guess I am more spastic than I used to be.
you whisper- can I do something sweetheart?
I lean my head back on your shoulder and whisper- I wish there where something so I could have a tension release....
you kiss my neck softly and slow while your hands stroke my arms for a little before interlocking with my hands again
you whisper- well there is....but I don't know if you are up for it, I turn my head to you and I whisper- tell me, baby, you lift your head from my neck and we kiss very slowly in between the kissing you whisper- well we can make love right here and now....
I smile big and place my hands behind your neck you laugh softly when you see and feel my reaction to your words-Ok, let me rephrase that I WANT to FUCK you right here and now
I softly giggle- oh yeah really? 
You let your hands go up my belly to my breast, growling in my ear as you press against me- Hell yesss baby...

I moan softly, pressing the side of my face into your growl- say it again...
you kiss my neck very slowly and you turn me around facing you, you take my face into your hands, leaning your forehead against mine... looking into my eyes and whisper-I....*kissing*...want....*kissing**kissing*... Fuck....*kissing*
I moan softly each time you kiss me and as you lift me up on to the kitchen counter we kiss for a very long time... both moaning as you lift up my leg and wrap your arm around my back to press me against you...
i moan- ohhh god i want you so bad baby.... we kiss again as you spread my legs moaning- oh my fucking god look at that ohhmmm
bites my lower lip as  you pull your boxers down....
I take my hand down and wrap it around your big fat cock...
as you look into my eyes you gasp and moan very loud -AAhhmmmm babyyy take it easy i want to cum inside you not over your hand....
we both laugh softly and kiss
you take your cock into your hand spreading my legs just a little more...
my body goes into a short spasm and you whisper- easy easy sweetheart we will fix that soon
we kiss again and you whisper- are you ready?
i nod as you put your cock between my pussy lips and just rub it up and down before slowly pushing in....
I gasp and whimper in pleasure...
your mouth is wide open and gasping OHHH Holy fucking crap!
i push against you moaning in your ear- fuck me baby fuck me take me...
We kiss hard and you start to move inside me- Ohh my god your pussy feels so fucking goooood I need it so bad
we kiss again and both of your hands grab on to my night shirt and rip it open i moan laoud and you growl- MMMMM heaven is you, bofore you dive down with your head kissing and sucking my breast...
as you do , we start to move faster and faster together AAAAHHHOOOMMM OHHH MY GOD DADDYYYY OHHHH MY GOD YESSSS FUCK IM SHAKING!
you breath hard moaning OOOHHH SHITTT OOOHHHMMMMMM well in this case it feels so damn good baby... we giggle between the moans and kisses....
i moan and  scream as you move faster.... you grab my face in your hands and moan loud- I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!
WE kiss hard and i scream grabbing onto your shoulders
You lean your forehead against mine and growl-Fuuuuuck yesssss cum cum cum for meeeee!!
you breath hard grabbing me tighter-OH OH OHHH YESSSS YESSSS GOOD GIRL CUM CUM CUM WITH ME!
I start shaking and screaming so loud you have to cover my mouth with yours....
You shake and breath hard but you keep kissing and grabbing onto me....
As we both explode in orgasms I hold your face in my hands not breaking eye contact
as the orgasms start to subside we keep kissing, you wrap my legs around your hips and lift me up whispering in a kiss- let's take round 2 in bed.... we giggle and I pant whispering- yes, please!!...

Friday, June 22, 2018

Daddy is home....

As I set up for my last shot of the day I hear the front door open...- Hey baby girl I am home!
I grin from ear to ear and shout - Hi Daddy! I am in the bedroom!
He shouts with a smile- Ok ill be right up baby!

He walks into the kitchen getting a glass of water as I shout back - I hope so
He swallows the water hard to avoid choking on it and he says- Oh lord what is my baby up to now? It's not a sticky Mess, is it?
I laugh loud and he laughs with me- ah I just love your laugh baby girl, Ok daddy is coming up now!
I smile big and waits
He opens the door just as I snap the photo
So what is my baby up....tooooo wow! HOLY Fucking Wow!
I blush as I always do when he looks at me, I whisper- Hi daddy...I bite my lower lip locking eyes with him.
He gasps-Hi baby...Oh my god now that's something to come home to
He slowly walks up to our bed and climbs on it.
never breaking our eye contact he kisses my belly up to my neck I moan softly and my body shivers.
He whispers in my ear- You are so beautiful and I love you so much.... I fucking love you like a crazy person baby girl...
I smile softly as and answer him in a whisper- I love you too daddy... with all my heart.
he kisses my neck a little more before whispering- you are so beautiful I just want to eat you...Can I?
I moan a- Yes daddy...
He moans-Good girl...lay down for me...He helps me to lay down... His hand's caress my whole body before he quickly takes off his belt and pants.
He kisses my body as he climbs on the bed again all the way up to my face... we kiss deep before he makes his way down between my legs he softly whispers- o wow...mmmm yesss
he starts licking slowly my body is shaking from his touch I moan softly but very intensely Ohhh!! my god yesssss daaaaadyyy mmmmm oh my god
He starts licking faster and faster moaning- fuck yessss i love to eat your pussy mmmmm feed daddy
all i can do is shake and grab on to the bed sheets more and more 
He moans- mmmmm yesss yesss that's it that's it baby yessss good girl cum for me yesss here we go
his words and tongue on my pussy sends me over the edge into one of the strongest orgasms I have had so far,

I start to shake violently and I squirt out so hard that I can't even breath.
I throw myself from side to side as he continues to lick really hard and fast.
Finally, I scream at the top of my lungs, almost to the point of fainting- AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
He kisses my pussy one last time before making his way up to my face.
I breath hard and he whispers- slow down you Breathing baby.... slow down...We kiss slowly as i stroke his arms and he strokes my face, arms, and hair.
We continue to kiss as he takes the bed covers up over us... my breathing as now slowed down a little...
he breaks the kiss whispering- can I be inside you baby?
Without answering him I wrap my legs around his hips him and I we smile against each other's lips and he takes his hand down to guide his cock inside my pussy, he whispers- I know your still tight... relax baby girl... we kiss as he pushes his cock in a bit... we both gasp inside our mouth's
I try to kiss him back as much as I can.
He takes his hands in mine and lays them with his above my hands, we moan loud as he pushes his cock in more, 
he moans whispering- Good girl....
I moan close to his mouth- oh oh my fucking god baby yessss
We kiss more and without warning he starts going faster and faster- I scream in pleasure inside his mouth and he screams in mine pounding faster.
He lets go of my mouth gasping loud- Oh fuck yessss 
AAAhhAA he grabs my face gentle gasping faster and faster-I  love you so fucking much baby
I moan and scream- Fuck MEEEE yessss daddy OHHHH YESSSS AAAAAA 
He screams- I'm going to cum in your pussy baby I'm cumming! You are going to cum with me! He gets close to my ear whispering as he moans- Yesss yesss cum cum cum You are so fucking sexy when you do... Daddy is going to make that little pussy cum so hard...

He pounds so hard that I just start shaking very very hard as he pounds faster inside me he screams- That's it!!!!! THAT'S IT BABY SQUEEZE MEEE YEEEEESSSS! I clamp down on him so hard that he Pounds in Really really hard one last time before grabbing my hands in his and my mouth with his as we scream our orgasm out. 
Fighting with each other's hands.
I shake so hard my body almost lifts off the bed with him on top, the squirt keeps gushing out
He lets go of my mouth unvillingly he throws his head back screaming as loud as he can
I bend my head back screaming at the top of my lungs....
As the orgasms subsides I can hardly breathe and he collapses on top of me
Breathing as hard as I am
He gasps- oh my fucking god baby that was out of this world Oh my god
He pants- are you ok baby? before i have time to answer he kisses me slowly so i nod as my answer still breathing hard- mmhmmmm.
lays my arms around his neck as we start to makeout i breaks the kiss for a few seconds to whisper close to his mouth as he has his hand on the side of my face- I love you so much daddy
we start to kiss again and he softly whispers i love you to baby...
slowly i feel myself fall asleep with him holding me and his cock still inside of me....

No one.... (you know who you are)

I whisper words about you endelessly
Mostly to myself cause you make me believe
No one could ever love you like I could
There wouldn't be a day you'd feel alone
And never would there be a time you didn't know
Cause no one could ever love you like I could

So if you'd be the one to share my dreams
I'd never let you go
If you'd stay with me
I promise you would know

Of all the times I reached out for you
can't you see how I adore you
I couldn't spend my life without you
Please believe me I would never doubt you

I'll be the one to answer all your prayers
Anytime you need me, know that I'll be there
'Cause no one could ever love you like I could
I'm hopin' that you hear these prayers of mine
I'm hopin' we'll be together for all time
'Cause no one could ever love you like I could
I would do anything
To share that special place in your heart
Please let me be the one who would mean everything
There'll be no one to keep us apart
Please believe me I would never doubt you

This i Promise you

My love, here I stand before you I am yours now from this moment on Take my hand, only you can stop me shaking We'll share fore...