Monday, July 2, 2018

Where are we going next daddy?( Tres Blah and Lara Hurlay Skin)

For those of you that have been following my blog for awhile, know that I Change my skin very very frequently. Some people might say it's a little bit too frequently but to be honest I don't care:)

So anyways After spending some Time in real life doing What needed to be done I came back into second life and being the girl that I am, I went shopping!

I decided I wanted a skin from a creator That I haven't looked at before.
In the Catwa Friends group, I got a whole list of female skins and makeup creator's so i started going through the list, and my eyes landed on Lara Hurley Skins
When I saw the name i remembered that i had been there before but that was back when i had my Logo head and i could not find anything for it at her store.

but i decided to go back now that i have the Catya head by Catwa.
Right off the bat when i walked in my eyes went to the Mae skin almost right away.
So i grabbed the demo in mid tone and OH MY GOD!
I was so in love with the skin i could not Belive my eyes!

Lara Hurley-Lara Hurley-Mae Midtone *Catwa Catya Applier*=899 Lindens
The shape in the photos is my own and the brow shape is also mine BUT You get a shape and a brow shape with the skin!!!

I also bought the body applier for  my belleza freya body
you get all skintones for just 200!

Lara Hurley-Belleza appliers*all tones*
So all in all i paid 1099 Lindens for this skin and i must say I have bought skins that are between 2000lindens up to 3000 lindes and NONE beats the high Quality of Lara Hurley skins!
NOTE: I use my own custum windlight and i have very high Graphics

what you can see from the photo above is my everyday graphics so i cannot be held accountable for the skin not looking the same on you as it dose on me.

So now lets get on to the Clothing!

Tres Blah - Chantilly - Floral
Is a lovely dress with a vintage feel to it
Tres Blah - Leather Jacket - Black (Bought separately)
But it hangs above the dress.

My hair?
Lamb. Dream - Variety Pack
at Uber

Lara Hurley skins is now one of my top favorites!
and Tres Blah?
its a good thing you can have the inventory as large as you want!!

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