Thursday, June 28, 2018

Why a baby in Second Life?

I have hinted on this topic before on this blog, but I guess I have never really spoken about it in depth... So now is the time...
I'd say that pregnancy and having a baby is something that i have been fantasizing about from the age of 14.
But of course, i did not act on my feelings.
My feelings became so strong That I had to Seek help from a psychiatrist, And she helped me to understand, That because of The fact that I was so mature for my age, My body was basically telling me You need to have a baby and you need to have a baby now Before the time runs out.
I was only 14 and yet my Body and mind Were behaving like I was 35 Going on 40.
This condition does not have a name and I'm pretty sure that this condition does not exist medicale.
But how she was explaining it What exactly how I felt And she told me that a lot of people Have this and They don't wanna Speak out about it.
What she gave me To calm down those feelings Of wanting a baby And being a mother As soon as possible Was truly a blessing, No He didn't give me medication...
 I won't go into detail about what she gave me Because that is something I will only Tell my closest friends And My closest friends.
There are so much prejudices in both worlds about this and that, that i don't dare to talk about it in my blog.
I am now soon to be 29 years old and the one thing that would truly make my life complete has not happened yet and it is not by choice believe me.
So this is the true reason why I decide To be Pregnant in second life.
I understand that that's not the most normal thing For second life,
I mean let's face it second life is build on Having sex, Being a stripper Being an escort, cam, voice, rl photos, you name it.
Sadly something as normal as Being pregnant And being a mom Is not a normal thing In second life.
Of course, there are people Don't want to have something To escape to When they already The family life In real life I understand that and there is nothing wrong with it.
For me Being pregnant in Second life is something that makes me happy,
I get so much joy out of it:)
In my mind, I imagen the kicks, the movement, even how it feels when someone strokes and kiss my belly.
You can call me weird Or stupid But the truth is I don't care, Besides there are much much worse things going on In second life Then you want to know.
I haven't been pregnant in second life For a couple of years now But I can tell you this.. If Don't find anybody That is willing to help me Get pregnant I might as well Do it myself... That's the beauty Second life You know.
And to the guys that think I want The picture perfect family With a doting father No That's not at all what i want!
All I ask Is for the guy to be present during The pregnancy, You know ask me how I'm doing and stuff. and Generally Just care.
Since I am struggling to get pregnant In real life I really want to experience this In second life.

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