Friday, June 22, 2018

Daddy is home....

As I set up for my last shot of the day I hear the front door open...- Hey baby girl I am home!
I grin from ear to ear and shout - Hi Daddy! I am in the bedroom!
He shouts with a smile- Ok ill be right up baby!

He walks into the kitchen getting a glass of water as I shout back - I hope so
He swallows the water hard to avoid choking on it and he says- Oh lord what is my baby up to now? It's not a sticky Mess, is it?
I laugh loud and he laughs with me- ah I just love your laugh baby girl, Ok daddy is coming up now!
I smile big and waits
He opens the door just as I snap the photo
So what is my baby up....tooooo wow! HOLY Fucking Wow!
I blush as I always do when he looks at me, I whisper- Hi daddy...I bite my lower lip locking eyes with him.
He gasps-Hi baby...Oh my god now that's something to come home to
He slowly walks up to our bed and climbs on it.
never breaking our eye contact he kisses my belly up to my neck I moan softly and my body shivers.
He whispers in my ear- You are so beautiful and I love you so much.... I fucking love you like a crazy person baby girl...
I smile softly as and answer him in a whisper- I love you too daddy... with all my heart.
he kisses my neck a little more before whispering- you are so beautiful I just want to eat you...Can I?
I moan a- Yes daddy...
He moans-Good girl...lay down for me...He helps me to lay down... His hand's caress my whole body before he quickly takes off his belt and pants.
He kisses my body as he climbs on the bed again all the way up to my face... we kiss deep before he makes his way down between my legs he softly whispers- o wow...mmmm yesss
he starts licking slowly my body is shaking from his touch I moan softly but very intensely Ohhh!! my god yesssss daaaaadyyy mmmmm oh my god
He starts licking faster and faster moaning- fuck yessss i love to eat your pussy mmmmm feed daddy
all i can do is shake and grab on to the bed sheets more and more 
He moans- mmmmm yesss yesss that's it that's it baby yessss good girl cum for me yesss here we go
his words and tongue on my pussy sends me over the edge into one of the strongest orgasms I have had so far,

I start to shake violently and I squirt out so hard that I can't even breath.
I throw myself from side to side as he continues to lick really hard and fast.
Finally, I scream at the top of my lungs, almost to the point of fainting- AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
He kisses my pussy one last time before making his way up to my face.
I breath hard and he whispers- slow down you Breathing baby.... slow down...We kiss slowly as i stroke his arms and he strokes my face, arms, and hair.
We continue to kiss as he takes the bed covers up over us... my breathing as now slowed down a little...
he breaks the kiss whispering- can I be inside you baby?
Without answering him I wrap my legs around his hips him and I we smile against each other's lips and he takes his hand down to guide his cock inside my pussy, he whispers- I know your still tight... relax baby girl... we kiss as he pushes his cock in a bit... we both gasp inside our mouth's
I try to kiss him back as much as I can.
He takes his hands in mine and lays them with his above my hands, we moan loud as he pushes his cock in more, 
he moans whispering- Good girl....
I moan close to his mouth- oh oh my fucking god baby yessss
We kiss more and without warning he starts going faster and faster- I scream in pleasure inside his mouth and he screams in mine pounding faster.
He lets go of my mouth gasping loud- Oh fuck yessss 
AAAhhAA he grabs my face gentle gasping faster and faster-I  love you so fucking much baby
I moan and scream- Fuck MEEEE yessss daddy OHHHH YESSSS AAAAAA 
He screams- I'm going to cum in your pussy baby I'm cumming! You are going to cum with me! He gets close to my ear whispering as he moans- Yesss yesss cum cum cum You are so fucking sexy when you do... Daddy is going to make that little pussy cum so hard...

He pounds so hard that I just start shaking very very hard as he pounds faster inside me he screams- That's it!!!!! THAT'S IT BABY SQUEEZE MEEE YEEEEESSSS! I clamp down on him so hard that he Pounds in Really really hard one last time before grabbing my hands in his and my mouth with his as we scream our orgasm out. 
Fighting with each other's hands.
I shake so hard my body almost lifts off the bed with him on top, the squirt keeps gushing out
He lets go of my mouth unvillingly he throws his head back screaming as loud as he can
I bend my head back screaming at the top of my lungs....
As the orgasms subsides I can hardly breathe and he collapses on top of me
Breathing as hard as I am
He gasps- oh my fucking god baby that was out of this world Oh my god
He pants- are you ok baby? before i have time to answer he kisses me slowly so i nod as my answer still breathing hard- mmhmmmm.
lays my arms around his neck as we start to makeout i breaks the kiss for a few seconds to whisper close to his mouth as he has his hand on the side of my face- I love you so much daddy
we start to kiss again and he softly whispers i love you to baby...
slowly i feel myself fall asleep with him holding me and his cock still inside of me....

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