Wednesday, June 20, 2018

2 posts in 1

Hey, everybody, it's Tessa And today It's gonna be a little bit of a different blog post.
First of all, I would like to promote Sadistic Creations yet again. I just can't get enough of their clothing!
I mean just look at this dress!
The fact that this dress is held up by nipple piercings it just so cool.
I have to be honest, my pleasure is pain, WITH the right person of course.

The exact name of the dress is:
{SC} Julianne Latex -FREYA.
The Dress is not up on the Marketplace yet but I am sure it will be soon.

I really hope that Sadistic Creations never stops making these unique clothes!

Now for part 2 of this blog:)

Have you ever felt like one person in the whole world just completes you?
I have finally found that person in second life... 
I call him Daddy...
The connection between us Is like fire....

I swear to you we could be standing in a room with hundreds of people In the opposite sides of the room And him and I only have to look at each other To speak To each other Silently.
You might be wondering why I choose this blog post To bring him up,
Well I chose to do so Because this is a side of me that only he Get to see This is a side of me that only he Has access to and this is a side of me That I freely and willingly give to him.

The connection that we have is hard to describe in words But I will tell you this I have been through A lot of shit in my second life And he is the very first man In over 4 years That I truly believe When he says I love you too baby girl.

Over 4 fucking years to be able to Believe a man When he says I love you...
When you find someone that is able to undress you with his eyes in a room full of  people, when he can talk to you with his eyes and you can do the same?

He is truly THE ONE

He is my dream come true

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