Friday, May 25, 2018

Time to get in touch with my Good girl side

 Yes here I go again, Being a tease... As usual... But what can I say it's in my nature, I like to be a good girl.
Today I'm being a good girl for A store called Sadistic Creations.
The creator of the brand and the creator of the store approached me asking if I wanted Blog Some of his creations, 
and also see how the clothing Fitted me Because I am a bigger girl than most in second life.

Of course I accepted With a smile on my face...
The first thing that he dropped into my inventory with this beautiful latex Lingerie!

Oh daddy Daddy was i hooked!

The textures Are phenomenal And the colors Are so perfect It's unbelievable.

Not only do i love his clothing but i also love the brand name.... Lets be honest everyone has a little Sadist in side of them.

I love the fact that the store Offers so many clothing sizes INCLUDING Freya!

Now that you have s een me in this... you are Drooling... Yes i can see you!
Now i am going to take my Pretty ass into my playroom and take some more photos:)
Maybe even calling my Daddy over so we can see what it looks like when we play:D

Be sure to go over to Sadistic Creations...and you never know you might turn into a good girl or good boy


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