Monday, May 21, 2018

Time to get back to work!

Hey everyone long time no see!

The reason I haven't been posting any new Blog content Is the fact that I made the last post very personal And I wanted As much people as possible To be able to read it Before going on to another post.
There is also another reason for it And that is the fact that I haven't been feeling comfortable Taking pictures, Lately I haven't been Feeling comfortable In the skins That I have been buying I just can't Make the skins look right with the shape I'm going for.

Today I went out shopping And I went back to my Favourite skins Shop Called itgirls, almost right away i found what i have been wanting:)
So finally I can get back to Taking pictures of game And feeling confident About the content I put out there for other people to see .

Itgirs skins are AMAZING.... BUT!
There Omega Appliers are  Bad Quality and you can see that if you look at my feet.
Most People work around it by buying the appliers For what ever body they have But with the latest update that Belleza Has made for the female bodies 3rd party appliers wont work and thats what itgirls have for the Belleza appliers.

I  really hope they fix it soon.

Apart from trying to find a skin that fits me i have not really been doing much in SL

Well that's not entirely true but that's a whole different blog post;) 

If you have been Following me for awhile Well then A couple of months ago I know that I was pregnant Well after a lot of thinking I decided not to go through with the pregnancy Because The baby's father Is simply not here enough For me too Enjoy carrying his child And having a pregnancy experience with him.
I don't believe that I told you guys this before but I'm actually a mother to 2 kids Here in second life And I did I'm 9 month Reeltime pregnancy With both of them Alone,

After giving birth to my daughter I Decided that my next pregnancy in second life Was not going to be a pregnancy I was going through alone.

I don't mean that the father of the baby would have to have a relationship with me But I would want the father to be present and Still be involved In the pregnancy.
Actually now that I'm thinking about it that would be a great idea for my next erotica But it wouldn't be erotica but more about how i would like for a guy to be while i was pregnant.

Speaking of pregnancy I have some exciting news But that's for another Blog post <3

 /Tessa Winkler

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