Friday, May 25, 2018


Hi everyone It is very nice to be back again, 
As you can probably tell I revamped My blog little bit:)

I was looking at my blog this morning And I felt like the blog was sent Representing who I am as a person. So I spend a little time Thinking about what I wanted my blog to look like an what I wanted it to represent, And I finally came up with this red Theme.
I don't really know what it is with a blog Feels so much more  me now:)

My favorite colors are white and red So this is just perfect!

These last couple weeks In second life I feel like I have been getting back into what are usually do in second life, Up till like a month ago all I did was log in and stand at one place For hours and hours...
I had so many friends on my friends list.... but nobody was talking, it felt like I was a trophy of some sort.
So one day I just had enough, I cleared almost every single person off my list And I kinda started over.
Sadly not many people  asked about why there were removed... I guess when you do something like that, you really see Who are your friends And who are not.

Right now I am very happy and content with my second life and I wouldn't change anything, It feels Like I have been given A fresh start even though I just cleared my Frends list.

It's not worth it having people in your life The don't even talk to you Get rid of them And move on...
I am not anyone's property And I'm not A trophy.... So Talk to me!

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