Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sn@tch the sexiness!

Hi everyone!
 I'm back again, yet with another post featuring snatch!
  She just released this beautiful kimono jacket that is texture changing.
how beautiful is this!?
The textures are impeccable and the patterns are so beautiful and sensual.

  If you hadn't noticed by now I am a bigger girl so clothing will not look the same on me as they do in the pictures of the ads of course, Just like real life.To be honest, when it comes to snatch clothing there is not one single thing that have looked hideous on me so far.

If you look at me from the side you will see the lower part of the is stretched but that's because my belly size is at 20 instead of the average 0 or 5.
I did put my belly size 0 and it looked fine but I'm not willing change my shape so this works fine for me.

The  Kimono jacket Comes from the following sizes:

and it is 250 lindens!

My head is Sofia Catwa Bento head with my own shape an browshape
My skin is [theSkinnery] Iris (Catwa Applier) toffee
 for the body [theSkinnery] Omega Skin Applier TUMMY toffee
Body Belleza freya 5.0
Hair [RA] Mei Hair - Essential


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