Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sn@tch Me up!

Hi everyone!
 it seems that I am spitting out these blog posts a little bit more often now... and I think it's because Of my recent upgrade from the logo head to the Catwa Bento head Sofia.
I never thought switching heads would make such a big difference in my second life, I am having a blast! Putting on different makeups everyday And putting on outfits that I haven't used in along time or I just bought.

Today I wanna talk to you guys about a store that I have recently come across called Sn@tch
It's a store with alternative clothing and accessories including hair and makeup.

When I first step foot into the store I was literally saying to myself "this is totally me!" 
and let's not forget the hair!! 
She has so many cool hairstyles that I was having a really hard time picking my favourite, But I have to say this her that I'm wearing now has to be my top 3 -:::Sn@tch Hunter Hair (OMBRES-L)::: is what its called, And obviously I'm wearing the ombre pack.

The dress that I'm wearing it is actually a VIP group gift  ( costs 200 Lindens to join)
-Sn@tch VIP Group Gift-February
Comes with system Layers and Mesh for the bodies:
The top is an Omega applier + it comes with a texture HUD.

My Eyeshadow is called- :::Sn@tch Cavern Club Extreme Eyeshadows (All Colors):::
my lipstick is from the Catwa master hud that you get when you buy a head. Same goes for my blush.
the eyeshadow comes with system tattoo layers as well.


I highly recommend heading over to Sn@tch It has become one of my favorite clothing store in second life!
And she also has a big section for Omega clothing,  more often than not she will offer system clothing to.
Now it's time for me to find a party so I can dance in this dress <3


  1. Thank you so so much for blogging Sn@tch! I love your pics <3 so adorable!

  2. You are so very welcome I have to say I love you store and I love your style is just so up my alley if I could I would buy the whole store! <3


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