Sunday, April 1, 2018

He is not Afraid to say that he loves me

This is my friend  Alekander, Who Is my best friend and who i love with all my heart.
we met at a place called boyeurism... Its a male strippclub in second life with mostly gay or bisexual men of course.

boyeurism Is not new to me, I started going there I think it was 2 years ago... but then I stopped....I don't really know why to be honest I just did .

Then by accident I saw the landmark so I headed on over there and boy am  I glad I did!

In all of my years in second life I can honestly say I have never had this much fun before!
I have become the ultimate queen of the dance floor in a very short time:)

And now when I walk in to boyeurism....
I AM THE QUEEN (at least i want to think of myself as that)

Moving on to Alekander.
Right of the bat he made me feel special...I think his face when he saw me looked a little bet like this
Of course he made me feel special I mean he works as a stripper, but I felt connected on a higher
 Ever since that day we have been inseparable! We make each other laugh daily and we goof around so much that i sometimes wonder what people must be thinking of us *Giggles*
At the same time I don't really care what people think.

Alekander is someone i am not afraid of being myself with. On days when my disability shows its ugly face when everything goes a little bit slower for me,or my speech is affected he just says "your fine babe" and keeps talking. To be honest that's exactly what I want him to do I don't want him to say "Oh my god i am so sorry it's hard for you" because that isn't helping me in any way shape or form, it can actually make it worse for me.

Me an Alekander we connect in sush an epic way its fucking amazing!
Right now we are planning to meet up in real life next year and to go to see a concert and just hang out for a couple of days, all i have to say is that its going to be FUCKING AWSOME I can hardly wait!!

Oh and one more thing....
everyday before i logg of for the night i say I love you babe
and he is not Afraid to say I Love you too babe...

Do you have a friend like that?


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