Saturday, March 10, 2018

My Passion for Photography

My passion for photography started when I was very young . I have always had a very artistic eye, And yet I can't seem to draw for the life of me the closest I will get to being artistic without a camera in my hand is a stick figure.

 have been in second life for almost 9 years and I am lying if I say that I found photography right away. I actually struggled to find something, To find my place....But then one day when I was heavily pregnant with my first child in second life I started taking pictures and I realized that this was something I could do!

Now back then my pictures weren't very good I had a very poor quality computer and very poor graphics indeed so I'm not very proud of the pictures I did back then but they are still a fun memory to have.

Over the years my photography skills have developed and I have grown as an artist, my computer graphics have grown with me too.

One thing I haven't done in my 9 years of second life photography I have never used Photoshop or GIMP to improve my looks or to make the picture look even better then it does in world, in fact I hate when people do that.

For example let's say a person is curious about second life so much so that they decide to look up pictures,So they come across these heavily edited pictures of second life and of people in second life,
and without knowing that the pictures they are looking at are heavily edited they start thinking Oh my God I need to get into second life the graphics are insane.

I am saying this because that's exactly what happened to me:) I created a persona (avatar) Thinking that I would have supergraphics. to my disappointment that didn't happen of course.

But I learn to work with what I have and I figured sooner or later people will be appreciating the fact that I don't retouch my photos in anyway shape or form.

Now fast forward to 2018 this is the year my photography really has taken off, I believe that I've had flickr since 2012 but it has only been these few years that my Flickr has been going through the roof With the views and comments and followers it is absolutely crazy.

You might think how on earth do I get such realism into my pictures if I don't use Photoshop or GIMP? Well let me show you....
It might be a little bit hard to see but these are my everyday graphic settings and these are my only settings.

I'm not trying to brag or anything I'm just showing the graphics you might need to have if you want some realism in your pictures without using Photoshop or GIMP .

The viewer I am using is called singularity I was using firestorm for a long time but since I recently a new computer firestorm couldn't handle my graphics, they were basically too good for firestorm to handle believe it or not.

I switched to singularity and I have to say it's even better than firestorm!!

In the last couple of weeks I have started to see second life in a whole do I enjoy being in second life every single day and I enjoy having the freedom of being able to freeze a moment in time,
I am not going to lie I really like the attention that I'm getting but that's a whole different blog post :)

I love second life and I love the freedom and the artistic abilities that it gives every single one.

My passion is photography.... my passion is telling a story.... my passion is captivating people.... my passion is to make people see the beauty in something unique...
My passion is to be a splash of color in them otherwise black and white world ...

Thank you for taking the time reading this.... I hope to see you soon
/Tessa Winkler

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