Saturday, March 24, 2018

#7 A new and Exciting adventure is about to start For me

Hi everyone I'm just going to do a really quick post I'm still working on the erotica so it's coming along, I am hopefully done soon .
But this post is about something entirely different, Something very exciting and something I haven't done in along time in second life due to the fact that I haven't found the right person to do it with.
 It just hasn't right...

A week ago I found out that i might be pregnant, yesterday I got the definite answer By taking a pregnancy test.
Being pregnant in second life is not something new to me...For those who don't know me that well I have to kids already and no the father's are not in their lives because Well I guess the easy answer is that they chose not to be, but also Because I choose not to be treated like trash I mean a guy can say "oh I wanna get you pregnant" but then when they do... they don't care anymore.

I am not asking for the perfect family life here in second life...
What I am asking however is that you don't throw me away like trash.

But sadly a lot of guys seem to leave when you tell them you are pregnant...I guess it becomes too realistic for them, I really don't know why they decide to leave ultimately they are the one to answer that question.

I have never been one of those that sees second life as a game and I probably never will be one of those.
Second life for me is just that, It is MY SECOND LIFE,
So weather it is falling in love or getting pregnant I take it seriously because it's not a game to me, And it never will be a game to me.
With the risk of getting too personal here I wanna share something from my real life...

In real life I really struggle to conceive a baby.... and I don't think that unless you have been in that situation you have no idea what it feels like...I feel broken as a woman...It feels like I am damage to be honest.

So to have  the freedom of conceiving a baby in second life is not something I take for granted, to  have the freedom of walking on 2 legs is something I don't take for granted either in second life.

I know I run the risk of going through this pregnancy alone, but at the same time I don't wanna do that. but then again it has been a long time since I've been pregnant so I kinda have the baby fever even in second life.

So I'm sitting here on my porch not really knowing what to do...
All I know is that this journey starts now!

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