Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Love has to be shared

 I Wake up Just as i Recive a text, my hand grabs for tor the phone as i look at the phone and slowly a smile comes to my face its

from Thor: "Hey there sexy little devil:) hope i did not wake you? What are you going to do today accept  för being sexy that is:)
I was thinking i could come over? Ps I am Bringing my guy so behave:)
<3 you babe"

I smile as i Answer:" Hey babe, I am not doing anything that i know of.... Oh, your guy:) that can be intresting:) See you in 1 hour?
<3 you too babe
ps i like when you wake me up.

in less than 5 min I get a replay from Thor:" Yeah that sounds good *kiss*
i smile and i write: *Kiss*

I get out of bed  and take a shower, as i fix my hair after the shower i can't help but to feel a 1000 butterfly's in my Stomach Even when i know he has a man.

I walk over to my closet-What should i wear? god i need more clothes!! 

I take clothes on the hangers and put them infront me- no not that.... Nope not that....hmmm mybeee thiss? Might give him a boner but what the hell, giggles for myself as i put on a long red silk shirt the boyfriend type.

I fix my hair up in a messy bun and puts on a blood red lipstic

Suddenly i hear a knock at the door and the handle on the front door goes down as Thor and his boyfriend lets themselfs in, thor calls out: Hey Tessa? Its just us?  They walk in a little bit more holding hands

Tessa? Baby? where are you?

I answer Hey baby give me a minute i will be right there!

I giggle softly as Thor says- Babe! you have had 1 hour to get ready Get your butt out here!! I want to see you

I softly blush and Answer- I am girl you know! 

Thor answers- I know you are trust me. Im sure you look sexy you always do babe. get out here now.

Suddenly i walk out to them both I smile- You dont have to yell babe

Thor's jaw drops as he locks eyes with me he whispers- Oh my fucking god... as i walk to his boyfriend to say hello thor follows me with his eyes

i smile at his boyfriend and says- Hi I am Tessa nice to meet you
as thor interrupts- My god baby...Come here..
he pulls me to him he leans his forhead on mine and whispers- Hi baby..I smile and i whisper back-Hi baby...
he takes his hand to my left cheek and whispers- If only you beautiful i think you are and how Crazy you drive me

By this point i am blushing harder than i have ever done and i have closed my eyes I can hear him smile- And you are cute when you blush

I softly giggle and i open my eyes thor turns his head to his boyfriend asking- Is it ok if i kiss her baby? He answers sure go for it.

He turns his head back to me still having his forhead on mine smiling as he takes his hand behind my neck but his thumb is stroking my cheek as he leans in i pull back a little he whispers- come here...come here.. i softly smile leaning in we slowly start to kiss and thor pulls me even closer i take my hands to the sides of his face... he breaks the kiss very slowly... 

I take his hand in mine and i take his Boyfriens and in my other hand Without knowing if he is into girls i lead the way into the bedroom....

I stop in the middle of the bedroom and thor pulls me into his arms with my back against his chest...

he turns my head to him and we kiss... his boyfriend slowly unbuttons my shirt and kisses his way down my chest and belly i moan softly in thor's mouth with a shakey breath thor takes his arms around me and up to my breast whispering in my ear- god you are soooo sexy....

I lean my neck onto thor's shoulder and i moan softly as his boyfriend pulls my panties down slowly and i step out of them...

His boyfriend whispers- Do you want me to lick you Tessa? 
i whimper in plesure and answers yes i do....
his boyfriend asks- yeah? can you handle it standing up?

thor kisses my neck and play with my breasts and says- yes she can i will hold her up...go for it baby he says to his boyfriend

thor lifts my arms and puts them behind his neck whispering to me-Don't let go of my neck baby.... you understand?

I moan-Yes i do..

thor and i start to kiss and suddenly i feel his  boyfriend start to lick my pussy

I moan as loud as i can in thor's mouth and Grip his neck a little harder...
thor breaks the kiss but has his mouth close to mine whispering- yeah there you go baby yeah he has a fast tonuge right?
oohmmm no dont let go of my are so beautiful

i shake and moan in thor's arms and as i feel his boyfriend's tonuge go even faster my knees almost give way thor whispers- I got you I got you just relax


As i scream i hear thor's belt buckle open..he is holding around me with one arm Whispering- You want me from the back baby? he kisses my cheek and neck as i nod and he whispers- Yeah? baby yeah? you want it? say it tell me you want me to doggystyle you and i will give it to you he turns my head to him and we kiss he breaks the kiss still having his mouth very close to mine panting and whispering-Tell...Me...

I moan and shake Growling close to his Mouth-I fucking want you to doggystyle me baby please!

He moans loud as he pushes his dick insde me-OHHHOAAAHH God your so sexy! Come here give it to me! FUCK YEEESSS

I scream in plesure as thor and his boyfriend work their way to my orgasm I almost fall to the floor in plesure but thor grabs around me- No nohooo dont fucking go anywhere stay right here... right here

Screams as thor starts to pound my pussy with short fast strokes and his boyfriend starts to lick and rub my clit as fast as he can

Thor and his boyfriend scream with me as my eyes starts to roll back thor grabs my hear and says- Yes fucking cum fucking cum in his mouth and cum oll over my dick!!
do you hear me? Cum baby cum hard i got you cum cum cum!!!!!

My body shudders so hard that i lose control of my body ans Thor grabs me really hard as i Squirt out in his boyfriends mouth.... I cant breath and i cant scream the orgasm is so strong....


he pushes in hard a few times and he presses his mouth in the side of my neck saying- You are squeezing me so fucking hard baby i fucking love it!

i shake hard and he have yet to take a breath thor whispers on the side of my neck-Breath baby breath you have to breath

Finally i take a big deep bewath in and scream out my orgasm and as i scream i hear thor moaning- Good girl... Good girl thats my girl

thor's boyfriend screams with his mouth on my pussy making it shake even more i scream louder and squirts yet again as i look down into his boyfriends eyes...

his boyfriend slowly stops licking and kisses his way up to my breasts and up the other side of my neck as thor slowly fucks me his boyfriend asks me with a smile- so can i kiss you now?
i softly giggle as i am in almost a high and so relaxed thor has to hold me up but not as much
I whisper- Yes you can

he smiles as we both lean in and we softly kiss for a good while...
suddenly thor says- hey you give me some to.... he turns my head kissing me as his boyfriend kisses the side of my neck slowly...
than thor breaks the kiss and kisses his boyfriend slowly as he pulls out of me...we lay down on the bed thor behind me is boyfriend facing me and thor's arm around me and his boyfriends arm on me and thor...

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