Sunday, February 25, 2018

I Have Many sides that only some can bring out

Hi Everyone! I know i have not posted sence valentine and thats manly due to the fact that i was working on a Erotica but i kept getting writers block so i decided to delete it.

I wanted to try to talk about a side of me that i don't let many people see that often.
The babygirl side...Yes I am a babygirl....The reason I don't show it that often is beacouse that part of me involves TRUST
TRUSTING A MAN and trusting him in a way that most women only dream about,Trusting him to know the signs of when YOU don't want the control.
Letting him read your bodymovement, Letting him read your breathing, your every sign.
TRUSTING HIM to know what you want him to say....RIGHT....THAT...MOMENT.

No this is not some play of on 50 shades of gray Bullshit.

SO MANY men and women say that they are Dominante 
 but let me tell you... They only play.....How do i know this? 

I was a babygirl looooong before Secondlife.

Right now in this moment I am someones babygirl in Secondlife and he is MY Daddy
I have only been his for about a week... But he gives me so much... SO MUCH
50 shades of gray is just Play, when you see him.

Daddy I love you...

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